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Monday, June 22, 2009

Washington Interrogatories

Interrogatories are part of the discovery process in a legal action. Discovery is where the attorneys are trying to find out information from the other party about their case. It may be information that is helpful to maintaining your case, or helpful in defending you case.

Interrogatories are simply written questions, that must be answered in writing under oath. The receiving party has 30 days to answer the interrogatories. Sometimes interrogatories are paired with Request for Production of Documents, that requires the party to submit copies of relevant documents.

If you have been served with Interrogatories, it is wise to have an attorney review them before submitting them to the other party.

The Renton law firm of Mogren, Glessner & Roti, represents clients in a variety of family law cases. We typically send Interrogatories to the other party as part of the discovery process. Please visit our web page at for more information.

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