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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

King County E-Filing

Effecitive June 1, 2009, King County is mandating that all attorney's file legal documents electonically by e-filing. The Clerk has been digitizing documents for the last 8 years, making the electronic file the original file instead of the paper file. This greatley reduces the storage cost for the county and allows multiple people to look at the court file at the same time (on a computer monitor instead of a paper file). The downside has been that the Clerk's office has had to scan all documents that are filed and digitize them. The Clerk is now passing on that responsibility to the legal profession by mandating that we file all documents electronically. This will save the Clerk a significant amount of money.

The Clerk is still working out the kinks, and a new user interface will be available this spring, however, it is possible to do it now. We have been e-filing some documents for some time now, becoming framiliar and comfortable with the process. The speed and convience of this became evident this morning as I met with a client. We were in a race to file before the other side filed in another state, to establish jurisdiction. After meeting and discussing the case with my client, we decided to file immediately. We drafted the docuements, got signatures, scanned them and e-filed them over the internet, all within an hour, avoiding the time delay and expense of running it down to court to file. We were then immediately able to send the documents to the process server to transfer them to a process server in Texas to get the other side served. Technology is amazing.

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