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Monday, April 6, 2009

Washington Child Support

Child Support in the State of Washington is calculated using mandatory schedules. It is based upon the comparative net incomes of the parties. The statute defines what is gross income and what is deductible for child support purposes (this can be different than for tax purposes). There is a schedule that calculates the cost of raising a child, based upon the combined net income, number of children, and the ages of the children (under 12 or over 11). This number is then divided between the parties based upon their respective comparative net incomes (percent of the combined total). Adjustments are then made for contrbution to medical insurance, day care and other special expenses.If you are paying or receiving child support, you should consider talking to an attorney to see whether the amount is accurate based upon the parties incomes.

Child support can be adjusted or modified based upon a change in circumstances, including the parties incomes and ages of the children.

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