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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Procedure to get Temporary Orders in King County

Hearings for family law temporary motions take place in the family law court room, in either the King County Courthouse in Seattle or the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent. All of the evidence for the hearing is contained in the written declarations submitted to the court in advance. The hearings take place with oral arguments only (no oral testimony).

To obtain a Temporary Order in King County, a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice must be given the other party and the Court (including service of all the necessary documents), unless an emergency exists. If you have been served with a Motion for Temporary Orders by the other side, your written response and other documentation you want the Court to consider must be submitted by noon, four (4) court days prior to the hearing. The party bringing the motion is then entitled to file a brief reply, to be filed by noon, two (2) court days before the hearing.

The process to start the motion is either with a Motion and Note for Motion Docket, or an Order to Show Cause. Typically you use an Order to Show Cause when you are starting a process and the other party has not yet formally appeared, you need immediate restraining orders put into place pending the hearing, or it is a Motion for Contempt. In most other cases, a simple Motion and Note for Motion Docket is appropriate.
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